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The Organizational Equation

Teaching kids how to stay organized poses a common challenge for parents. Organizational skills are vital for effective planning, initiating tasks, monitoring progress, and completing them efficiently. Everyday hurdles such as locating belongings, starting homework, managing time, and ensuring preparedness are key aspects of organization. Parents, especially those with neurodivergent kids, find this a persistent challenge. Fortunately, teaching organizational skills can be achieved through the 3P’s: patience, pictures, and practice.

Enhancing Organization through Visual Learning

Visual learning, which involves understanding best through visuals like images, diagrams, and videos, is highly effective. Individuals who excel in visual learning remember and comprehend information better when it's presented visually. Notably, those with autism often demonstrate strong visual processing abilities, showcasing a heightened attention to detail and better memory for visual information.

Adventure-Infused Organization Learning

One of the most enjoyable ways to instill organizational skills is through exciting activities, such as travel. By utilizing real-life scenarios during pre trip planning and actual adventures, we teach participants valuable organizational skills. For instance, our packing list utilizes visual aids to impart planning, task sequencing, and time management — essential skills for success in daily life. The beauty of incorporating visual aids and engaging activities is that these skills endure long after the adventure concludes.

Find our packing list here.


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