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Embracing Inclusivity: The Power of “With Us, Not About Us”

In the ever-evolving landscape of autism advocacy, one fundamental principle continues to gain momentum and shape our collective journey - inclusivity. It's not just about being present; it's about being truly present, engaged, and understanding. The notion of "With Us, Not About Us" is at the heart of this movement, signifying a profound shift in the way we approach autism support.

When we say "With Us, Not About Us," we emphasize the importance of involving autistic individuals in the decision-making processes that directly impact their lives. This mantra underscores the value of their unique perspectives, experiences, and voices. It's about recognizing that autism is not a monolithic condition but rather a diverse spectrum where each individual has their own story to tell. Inclusivity means listening, learning, and supporting in a way that ensures autistic individuals are active participants in shaping the policies, programs, and conversations surrounding their well-being.

At the recent College Autism Summit, this notion of “With Us, Not About Us” was a common theme that thread throughout every event, break out session and panel discussion. In the voice of Ben VanHook, Summit presenter, “it was one a kind experience feeling like I could completely be myself”. Not only was the neurodiverse community engaged, supported and heard, all participants had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative environment that continues to grow and support all diverse communities. 

As we move forward in our efforts in ideas of inclusivity and awareness, we at Divergent Adventures remain committed to growing our community of like minded travelers.  It is through these experiences that we aim to ensure that all of our participants feel safe and supported, and have a voice in seeing the world in a compelling way. Let us plan your next adventure, where inclusivity prevails. 

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