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Family Journeys

Unleash The Power of Adventure

Redefining Family Vacations with Divergent Adventures

We Believe In You!


Did you know 87% of families with an autistic member don't take leisure vacations?


We're changing that. 

At Divergent Adventures, we offer an alternative travel adventure vacation experience designed to accommodate the unique needs of neurodiverse families.

Say goodbye to sensory overload! The leisure travel industry thrives on bigger, louder, and faster experiences, leaving neurodiverse children and their families uncomfortable and overwhelmed. But not anymore. Divergent Adventures is here to redefine the way you vacation.

With our certified autism travel professionals leading the way, we ensure a supportive and inclusive environment for your entire family. We understand the challenges families face and have tailored our approach to meet your needs.


Divergent Adventures is the alternative travel adventure vacation experience. For families, we take the convenience of "staycation" on the road to exciting adventure destinations that are better suited to the need of everyone in the family. We use the natural environment creatively, offering engaging and fun experiences.

Here's how.


First, we offer a virtual 4-Week Adventure Preplanning and preparation course led by our experienced Divergent Adventures Education Team. This course prepares your neurodivergent child and family members for the exciting adventure vacation ahead and will change the way you vacation. Topics include dealing with sensory challenges, managing behavior, and creating family memories.

Secondly, we take care of all the planning. From arranging accommodations, transportation, and meals to curating preplanned adventure itineraries in breathtaking destinations like the Grand Canyon, we handle every detail. You can focus on creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Our small groups, limited to 6-12 like-minded adventure travelers, ensure personalized attention and a sense of community. Our masters-level educators and certified autism travel professionals expertly blend fun, challenging, and educational experiences throughout the journey.


We believe every family deserves the opportunity to embark on an adventure together. Join us in redefining family vacations forever. Let us guide you toward a transformative experience where growth, learning, and fun await.

Come Grow With Us!

Our 5-day adventure trips seamlessly weave together the lessons from our pre-trip planning classes by engaging in hiking, group meals, and planned excursions. These activities actively foster skills like flexibility, organization, social communication, problem-solving, and physical coordination.

When we hike, we learn to adapt to different terrains and weather conditions, teaching us flexibility. Navigating the trails while Geocaching enhances our problem-solving abilities.

Group meals promote social communication as we interact, fostering connections and improving our ability to communicate effectively with others.

During planned excursions, teamwork becomes essential as families work together and individually to unlock mysteries and solve clues, honing our organizational and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, throughout the adventure, we emphasize how each family member plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of the traveling process, enhancing our organizational and physical coordination abilities. Our adventures are a comprehensive learning experience that helps everyone develop valuable life skills while enjoying quality time as a family.
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