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Adventure Travel
Unique Perspectives  |  Inclusive Places  |  Like-Minded Travelers

There is a way of exploring new environments that's supportive, inclusive, and, as importantly, fun! Whether you're seeking a bonding experience with your family, an enriching educational journey, or both, our adventures provide just the right balance of stimulation and relaxation, custom-built around your unique requirements and interests. With like-minded travelers.


...Unique experiences of respite where learning, achievement, and rewards for your neurodiverse family are a part of the journey.


...A travel adventure that begins in the familiar surroundings of home or school. That's where you'll meet your Divergent Adventure Guide, who will lead you throughout your journey, beginning with our virtual Divergent Adventure Course.


...Visiting fun and exciting places, dining in restaurants, and participating in activities where an understanding and caring staff are trained and prepared for your visit.


...Traveling with a small group of adventuring students and families who share in the challenges of your life's journey.

IMAGINE a well-planned vacation where the details and logistics are managed by a professional educator and certified autism travel professional that is with you every step of the way.

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