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Participant Assessment Application

Thank you for your continued interest In Divergent Adventures.

Below is our initial Participant Assessment Assessment Application for all programs beginning in January 2024. Qualified applicants are accepted on a space-available basis. Applications are accepted and processed in the order they are received. 


This survey will provide our Development Team with the information they require to assess our program's suitability for each adult/student participant. Student eligibility and acceptance in the program are determined solely by our Development Team and the Director.


During enrollment, active communication between our team and the participant (guardian, if applicable) is essential. We aim to match participants to the best learning experience during our adventure together. A key is to enroll participants whom we believe are committed to the time and effort it takes to complete the program. Each enrollment application is handled individually, and our team members will be with you every step of the way.

Here is what you can expect by completing this application.

  • You'll receive a confirmation email that we received your submission.

  • In a few business days, a member of the Development Team will review your application and arrange to contact you using your preferred method. 

  • Once a final determination has been made, our team will assist you with completing our formal enrollment application and privacy and release forms and arrange for payment. 

  • Participants are then connected with our development team, who will provide complete information about our journey together. 

This form and your privacy. Your personal information here is private and only shared with the team managers who advise and communicate with our student and parent clients. When accepted, the personal information becomes a part of the student profile. If the student is not accepted into the program, the personal data is permanently deleted from our database. 

Participant Assessment Application

Communications Preference

Check All That Apply

WithIn the past year, have you exhibited or received treatment for any of the following behavior?

Check All That Apply:

How well do you get along with others?

Check One Only.

How well do you complete tasks/daily living activites?

Check One Only.

How do you feel about and manage self?

Check All Tht Apply.

How well do you identify and solve problems?

Check One Only.

Do you currently receive accommodations or support services from your university/school/employer?

Check One Only.

Are you currently employed?

Check One Only.

Do you  participate in any extra-curricular activities?

Check One Only.

Can you commit to participate in weekly virtual classroom sessions?

Check One Only.

Thanks for registering. A Member Of Our Team Will Be in Touch SOON. If you need to contact us, please email us at:

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