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Bridges To Adelphi University

Ignite Your Adventure Spirit

"Through a variety of services designed to help students maximize areas of strength and creativity, the Bridges to Adelphi Program endeavors to increase community awareness and understanding, as well as foster appreciation for each student’s unique views of the world." 


At Divergent Adventures, we prepare transition-age young adults and college students to see the world, and we prepare the world to see our students - as they are. 

Our adventure education travel experiences are designed for autistic and neurodiverse college students.  They are journeys beyond traditional learning, offering personal growth, expanded horizons, and newfound confidence.


Adelphi University - New York is one of the only universities in the world that provides access to one of the most unique and exciting student experiences anywhere. 

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Bridges to Adelphi is a vital campus resource. Together with Divergent Adventures, we achieve our mission by:

1. Offering individual, group, and peer mentor services designed to help students overcome issues that may affect academic, social, and vocational success; while upholding the University’s academic integrity, high standards, and expectations.

Divergent Adventures provides individualized guidance, small group classes, and neurodivergent peer mentors for every student. Our standard of achievement is based upon excellence is every respect.  

2. Serving as consultant, collaborator, and liaison to the University faculty, administration, staff, and students, in addition to the surrounding community, to create an environment supportive of the intellectual, emotional, diverse, and spiritual needs of students.

As important to the student experience within our program, Divergent Adventures is a consultant, collaborator, and liaison to destinations where we lead student adventures so they are understanding, prepared and welcoming. 

3. Providing outreach to families and school districts to support students’ transition to higher education and nurture educational bonds with Adelphi University.

Divergent Adventure offers a proprietary program designed specifically for transition-aged youth and their families as they head toward higher education. Specifically, in 2024 we are planning an eight-day adventure to Arizona and Grand Canyon with Dr. Stephen Shore. The Adventure Course involves virtual classes for one student and one parent, culminating with an adventure in the Southwest Co-hosted by Dr. Stephen Shore and Divergent Adventure's Stephanie Miller.


4. Providing outreach and training to other universities with similar programs or interested in developing similar programs.

Divergent Adventures is actively seeking relationships with other universities to scale our programming to a nationwide audience. We are members of the College Autism Network and are working to distribute our programming through this and other available networks. We welcome the opportunity to work with Adelphi University on this initiative. 

5. Providing training programs to companies and organizations interested in increasing their internal diversity programs.

Divergent Adventures offers programs similar to our university courses to employers. 

6. Collecting and evaluating program data to assess the efficacy of Bridges activities and to contribute to research in the field of college programs for neurodiverse students.

Divergent Adventures courses are evidence-based, data and market-driven.

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Divergent Adventures Overview 


Partner Overview

Scope of Work

Student Outcomes


Student Entrance Criteria

Course and Adventure Licensing

Student Course and Adventure Tuition


Sample Fall 2023 10-Week Course and Itinerary 

Student Pricing, Inclusions, and Policies.

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Raise The Roof For Autism (.com)

Original Synopsis - Divergent Adventures - Adelphi University - Dr. Stephen Shore, Diana Damilatis-Kull MA, LMHC

Ignite your adventurous spirit and redefine your college experience!
 Come Grow With Us!

Our transformative training series is designed specifically for neurodiverse travelers. Discover how the world of adventure travel can help equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to embark on unforgettable journeys.

From effective planning and organization to understanding and managing sensory sensitivities, our comprehensive program will empower you to experience inclusive and enriching travel for  in a way that has never been done before.

Connect with a supportive community, learn practical strategies for overcoming barriers, and build resilience as we explore new destinations together.

This is your opportunity to meet and speak with Stephanie Miller, BCBA/LBC to learn if our program is a good fit for you. There is NO obligation, just information.

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